Who is Funsho?

Funsho is a Nigerian born singer/songwriter. He spent his early years in Lagos, and migrated to the US at the age of 7. His subsequent years were spent in PG County, MD where he developed his  passion for singing, writing, and playing guitar. He gained global attention after appearing on season 15 of NBC's The Voice. Since then, Funsho has continued to release captivating music and videos. His recent EP "NUMB3RZ" has been featured on BET and garnered hundreds of thousands of streams. 



2019 - 8 tracks

NUMB3RZ was released on May 3rd 2019. This 8 track EP takes Funsho's sound in a new direction sonically, and conceptually. Funsho describes the concept of the title, "NUMB3RZ" as a reflection of his life in the period of time after being exposed to a global audience on national television. The idea is that despite pressure from society to compare ourselves to others, and define our value by numbers such as money, age, or followers, everyone's journey is different, and we should all chase our own internal definition of success or fulfillment. This moment was the actualization of a long time dream that has built from his previous work, and culminated in this project. Sonically, the production, and music is chill, and vibey, while still maintaining a danceable, uplifting energy. 

S.H.E. (Sounds Have Emotions)

2015 - 8 Tracks

S.H.E. was released in 2015, and features the lead single Tonight, which is a fun R&B record with a pop vibe, produced by Blvck Rose. Another stand out record from the project is Picasso, which is a laid back, catchy record produced by Chef Belin. The release of this project marked a strong beginning to Funsho's budding career, and made him a notable presence in The DMV, where he calls home. The momentum from this album eventually led him to being noticed by NBC producers, and casted on The Voice. Funsho describes S.H.E. as a representation of the age-old cliché that states, “Art imitates life.” Although there is nothing cliché about the music. S.H.E. synthesizes the passion, joys, anxieties, and emotions of relationships into relatable and honest R&B tunes. Influenced by luminaries like Lauryn Hill, Justin Timberlake, and John Legend, Funsho explores territory oft forgotten by peers in his generation. Pushing past the sonic boundaries of the R&B genre, S.H.E. is an eclectic, digitally progressive body of work that draws distinct influences from hip-hop, soul and dance music.

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